Romy Surtees

Regional Beekeeper Elixir Raw Honey

A family hive in the garden nearly twenty years ago has now grown into a sizeable business.

Romy Surtees and her family were amazed by the taste of the honey. It was delicious. When they investigated why the honey from their back yard tasted so much better than supermarket honey, they realised the reason was that it was not blended or heated.

With this learning in mind, she then set up Elixir Honey to offer people who were too busy or too scared of bees the opportunity to enjoy great honey.

Elixir Raw Honey is painstakingly gravity filtered from one site and endures no heating or blending. The precious liquid is gently tapped into glass jars. Raw honey contains all the live enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals plus a lower glycemic index: 38 compared with 65 for bulk processed honey. As a result of being raw Elixir can vary from runny to set. Set honey being a lovely buttery texture.

Romy now lives in her own jarrah & redgum forest, outside the small town of Denmark in the south west.