Nic Giblett

Fourth generation farmer/orchardist, Newton Orchards

Nic is third generation (raising the fourth!) on the farm at Newton Orchards in Manjimup, at the heart of WA’s “Genuinely” Southern Forests region.  If you’ve eaten a few apples in WA, there’s a good chance some of them came via the packhouse at Nic’s family owned and operated business, which also markets fruit for several small-medium growers in the same region – supplying direct to WA Coles, Woolies, Aldi & independents.

Before returning to the farm with her partner Paul Good (Newtons’ operations manager) in 2008, Nic studied horticulture, english and viticulture at Curtin, and worked variously as a newspaper journalist & editor, farmers markets manager, and for years in hospitality – from pulling middies through to fine food & wine service.  Nic served on the Southern Forests Food Council board from its infancy through til end 2016 and is currently a director at FruitWest, licensed to commercialise the new ANABP01/Bravo™ apple.

Nic is keen to see Newtons remain true to its long-held traditional business and rural community values in an ever-more challenging food production sector.  She’s particularly passionate on looking to add value to “waste” product, challenging the crazy Australian consumer demand for “perfect produce” and reducing packaging footprints.