Julie Broad

Manager, Food Rescue

Julie spent her early years on a Biodynamic farm in a wheat belt area outside of Three Springs. It was during this time that she learnt how to cook food for her community, including feeding  the annual shearing team, and  what it meant to sit down and share stories over a meal.

As a single mother juggling three small children she needed a job that could accommodate the demands of being a hands-on Mum.  An organic food home delivery service was her step into what she coined “her first social enterprise”. 

After never steering far from the story of food and community, Julie’s West Perth venture – The Food Store – Deli Café gave her an insight into disadvantaged communities.  As ironic as that may seem in West Perth, on one hand there was a bustling business community and right next door there were some of the most disadvantaged (and isolated) people imaginable. 

This was that ‘light bulb’ moment where Julie decided to put her energies into helping others, particularly those marginalised from society.  After managing Perth City Farm for 2 years, Julie moved to manage Food Rescue where she has shown her environmental passion for sustainability by ensuring all inedible food is digested on-site  and plastics & packaging from supermarkets is recycled.