Cameron Syme

Founder, Great Southern Distilling Company

In 2004 after 14 years of research, Cameron Syme founded the Great Southern Distilling Company which commenced commercial production in 2005. Located on the edge of Princess Royal Harbour, the distillery takes advantage of Albany’s pristine water, clean air, abundance of local produce and cool marine climate.

In May 2008, the first flagship ‘Limeburners’ Single Malt Whisky was released.  Not only was this recorded as an historic event because it was the first Single Malt Whisky ever distilled in Western Australia, but it also picked up a Bronze Medal at the prestigious International Wine & Spirits Competition in London.  After selling out within the month, the distillery knew it was getting things right. Its whisky continues to win awards all over the world.

Cameron is also a Founding Director of the boutique law practice “Latro Lawyers”, a commercial law firm based in Albany with clients around the country, where he pursues provides legal and commercial advice to the Kimberley Land Council (KLC), the peak indigenous representative organisation in the Kimberley.  He also provides pro-bono legal advice to a Perth based peak indigenous charitable organisation working in the interests of indigenous women and children’s safety and counselling, while still maintaining an enviable commercial client list.

Following a family legacy of distilling and a personal passion of pursuing what is right, Cameron is enjoying the challenge of doing what he wants to in life and the continual pursuit of excellence.