FADS Conversations

FADS Conversations are intimate afternoon breakout group sessions in which attendees have the opportunity to pick the brains of various FADS presenters.

These conversations are free to attend as part of your ticket to FADS.


Running the Best Restaurants (Ben Shewry, Aaron Carr)

Ben Shewry (chef/owner, Attica) and Aaron Carr (chef, Vasse Felix) are two acclaimed chefs running top restaurants. With decades of experience between them, learn about the secrets to their longevity in the industry and how they have maintained being at the top of their game.

Dining with WA Native Ingredients (Ben Shewry, Pat Torres)

Pat Torres (Mayi Harvest in Broome) is one of the most knowledgeable and respected leaders on wild and native foods in WA. Pat will join Ben Shewry in a special FADS Conversation facilitated by Aaron Carr, to discuss the use of indigenous ingredients in cooking and look at some of the unique WA native ingredients that have made their way onto Ben’s menu at Attica!

The World of Bees and Honey (Romy Surtees, Christie Stewart, Scott Bridger)

Honey has been around for thousands of years but what do you know about it? Explore the world of bees and honey with a regional beekeeper (Romy Surtees, Elixir Honey), a domestic beekeeper (Christie Stewart, Bidjaronning Honey) and rooftop honey harvester (Scott Bridger, Bib & Tucker).

Taste the variety of honey available produced in different environments, and learn about the habits of bees and how changes in the world are affecting the health of bees.

Food Media and Writing (Max Veenhuyzen)

Join Max Veenhuyzen, Western Australia’s premier food and drink writer to have a frank discussion about the state of the food media in WA, look at what it takes to be a food writer in 2017 and how to find the best places to eat and drink.

The Art of Pasta (Joel Valvasori)

Pasta lovers rejoice! Chef Joel Valvasori is best known for his unforgiving perfection of pasta at Lulu La Delizia and you can learn more about the art of making pasta from the man himself.

Ownership of Food Traditions and Honouring Recipes (Sam Ward)

Sam Ward (chef, Más) has spent years in Mexico, honing his knowledge and skills and working with some of the greats including Diana Kennedy, Pilar Cabrera and Enrique Olvera. It has anchored his connection to Mexican food and drive to respectfully interpret the cuisine in an Australian context.

Join Sam as he discusses the ownership of food traditions and how one can honour food recipes.

Beer and Food (Gerrard Mitchell, Paul Wyman)

Food and beer, individually and together, have a rich and long history.  Paul Wyman (Nowhereman Brewing Co) and Gerrard Mitchell (Mary Street Bakery) will be bringing the two together, with Paul examining a beer style, diving into its history and the style guidelines; and Mitch will discuss the food he would pair with it and why. 

Read more from Girl+Beer.

Sustainability and Reducing Waste in the Industry (Julie Broad, Liam O’neil)

Julie Broad (Manager, Food Rescue and previously Perth City Farm) and Liam O’neil (Founder, Refresh Juice + Cleanse) will share their experiences and ambitions with ‘sustainability’ and ‘reducing waste’ in the industry.

Julie has been a key player in rescuing food and reducing carbon footprint through her work with Food Rescue, while Liam is about to launch a new project to recycle and reuse glass bottles with the aim of achieving zero waste.

Union of Pig Farmers (Tammi Jonas, James Taylor)

Tammi Jonas (Jonai Farms) and James Taylor (Jindong Free Range) will meet for the very first time in real life at FADS! They have chatted and exchanged intel about free range pig farms over the years and Tammi has mentored James in developing his preservative free range pig products.

They’ll share stories of their journeys; the trials and triumphs of free range pig farming and developing delicious value added products.

The Farming Alternative (Anthea Brown, Warren Pensini)

What is the alternative to large scale industrial production? How are smaller producers working to get their product out there? Meet Anthea Brown (Macabee Dorper Lamb) and Warren Pensini (Blackwood Valley Beef), two WA producers who have their own branded product and control as much of the supply chain as possible. They will discuss the advantages this brings and how they compete with larger producers.

Chemistry of Flavour Bombs (Sue Lewis, Carly De Bartolo)

Sue Lewis Chocolatier and Carly of Chicho Gelato will be discussing the Chemistry of Flavour Bombs! If you have frequented their respective establishments, you know they create magic in the kitchen! This is your chance to ask them anything you’ve ever wanted to know about their dessert creations.

History of Gin (Lex Poulsen)

There is a history to everything and the provocative history of gin will fascinate and surprise you. Distiller, beverage enthusiast and history geek, Lex Poulsen of Hippocampus will take you through the production, history and drinking of gin.

Taking Control of Your Backyard (Sabrina Hahn)

Sabrina Hahn, ABC radio personality has an important mantra “to encourage others to take on a caretaker role within their own back yards so that future generations have access to a healthy planet”.

Want to know how our kitchens and gardens are linked? What role do our gardens play in reducing waste? Sabrina will show you how you can contribute to a better future by taking control of your own backyard.